Welcome to! This site was developed to help those of you who are making or repairing jewelry to be able to select the right cutters and/or pliers for the right job. Knowledge is so powerful and we hope to give you the knowledge to be able to get the right tools the first time. Don’t get me wrong, you can never have too many pliers and cutters but having tools that are of no use to you is a waste.


We will grade the pliers and cutters on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being entry level and 5 being the best. There will be many brands not discussed here but they will mostly be in the grade range of 1-2. One exception is Swanstrom, which we give a grade of 4 but won't discuss in detail as they are sold exclusively by Rio Grande.


If you want to really judge the quality of a manufacturer, take a look at their cutters, for cutters require much more precision to manufacture than pliers do.


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We give Lindstrom Pliers and Cutters a grade of 5. Most of these are made in Spain except the EX series, which are made in Switzerland.


Xuron (Classic)

Xuron’s Classic Series of pliers, cutters and crimpers are made in the USA and have earned a grade of 3. If your budget doesn’t fit the grade 5 tools, these are a great, high quality alternatives.

Euro Tool

Euro Tool brand pliers, cutters and crimpers get a grade of 1-3 depending on the tool. The majority of their tools are made in Asia and are good entry level tools.


We give Tronex Pliers and Cutters a grade of 5. These tools are made in the USA. They offer two different lengths of handles to fit larger or smaller hands.


Om Tara

Om Tara crimpers were designed in the USA and are manufactured in Pakistan. We give them a grade of 4. Build quality is a 3 but functionality is a 5 so we split the difference at 4.


BeadSmith pliers and cutters earn a grade of 1-3 with the majority falling towards the lower side of the scale. They mostly private label other brands from Asia.

XBow by Xuron

We give XBow Pliers and Cutters a grade of 5. Swiss made, they are the highest quality. These are the newest grade 5 pliers and cutters to hit the market.


Wubbers pliers have earned a grade of 2. Wubbers offers a large variety of metal and wire forming pliers along with chain and flat nose pliers but no cutters.


Wiha pliers and cutters have earned a grade of 5. They are made in Germany and are not marketed to the jewelry industry but to the electronics field.

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